Twizzlers, Tea, Skating and Sex

by ithunts

OK, it’s the evening of day 2. My wife went out with some friends and my son is in bed. I am bored shitless. This is one of the things about not drinking: you have so much more of the day back but usually, at least in my case, you are too tired from concentrating on not drinking to do much with that time except to read sober blogs and space out. I will say that today was a good day. I took my son skating at a rink I have been telling him I would take him to for a while now, I made love to my wife (which is always great, sober or not) and we settled in for some junk food while watching a documentary on sharks. But now that is over and I am alone with some tea and the deafening silence of my thoughts. I have hours before I will be able to sleep, but it’ll be worth it when I wont wake hungover tomorrow…