Decaf and Masochism

by ithunts

OK, right now…as in this very moment…I have a house full of people drinking craft brews and laughing it up having a great time. Me, I am sitting here with a cup of steaming decaf writing to whoever might read this. “But why are you doing this to yourself?” Well, for one it is a dinner party that we have every Sunday at our house and so I didn’t want to go changing it just because I have kicked the booze (again), but also because I do enjoy having these people over and have got to be OK with people drinking around me. Right now though, if I’m being honest, it kind of sucks. Usually I am on my 4th or 5th drink, lighting up my mind (as I call it) and really starting to relax. Juxtaposed against my stark stares and lack of socializing tonight I must seem like a Jeckyl/Hyde type. That’s OK. Tomorrow will be here soon enough.