a window…

by ithunts

Last night a friend that I hadn’t talked to in a while stopped by my house without warning. I was excited to see him and offered a beer while grabbing another from the fridge. He declined and when we were sitting on the porch having a cigarette he told me of how he had come to a realization recently that we was an alcoholic and since then he had split with his longtime girlfriend (for now, anyway), joined AA and moved out to the country. I sat sipping my beer, listening with a sense of pride and jealousy. I warned him of the pitfalls I had encountered while not drinking, but alas, I was sitting with a drink which I had no intention of putting down and I didn’t put it down. I found myself telling him to hold onto it tight because once you let go of it the trying to get it back gets harder and harder, in my case anyway. I found myself telling him that my drinking was like a room that I went into every evening. A room that has no windows and no doors. It has been over a year since I have been on here writing anything because I have been trapped inside that room, but my friend coming over and telling me his story provided me a window and these words are my strength as I am opening it and I am pulling myself out. Hello everyone.