17 down, 17,000 to go

by ithunts

I get really uneasy with the term “One Day at a Time”. It scares me. I know me and what I will do, should I ever get the urge to drink strong enough is that, if I tell myself it truly is one day at a time, I will set a date to let myself drink and that is unacceptable. To be it’s all days, no matter what. All days at all times. With that said I am on day 17. Another Saturday morning NOT hungover. Yay. I haven’t written in a while and I’m not sure why. I haven’t been going to meeting either. Well, I found one on Tuesday evening that I like and want to go to and I have been doing some online meetings but none of the 90 in 90. Oh well, I will keep an eye on myself and if I find I need to start going to meetings every day then I will. I’m still not sure that AA is the route that my program is going to take. I think it’s great and I will be a part of it, but I may or may not work the steps. I’m sure some of you have some pretty strong advice for me regarding that and I would love to hear it. I know those that have gotten sober with and without the steps. What do you think?