Clothing Optional

by ithunts

So here I am at what is probably the hardest time for my sobriety every day. It’s night time, the kid is in bed, the wife is studying and I am vegging out on the computer. I used to LOVE getting a good buzz right about this time. Watch some videos or read some things online and throw more than a few back. I might end up in bed sleeping fine, but with the knowledge that there will be hell to pay tomorrow, or I might end up on the front porch, my head falling into my lap at 3 am because I am drunk and exhausted, or I might end up naked on the bathroom floor, which was all too common. Now I am drinking seltzer water and relaxing, but bored. I have to remind myself that those videos are still online and so are the articles. The front porch is still awaiting my ass and the bathroom floor is always free, clothing optional. It’s a mind over matter deal and at this point my mind matters more than anything, especially since tomorrow makes 14 days!