gummi worms and sugary drinks…

by ithunts

coming home from work tonight the wind felt great and the air was cool and I was thinking about how nice it would be to sit on the front porch and drink some beers so I went to a meeting. It’s the first time I’ve been to a meeting since that one time when I went to meeting a lot and got 30 days sober and promptly celebrated with drinks! I didn’t pick up a chip though. I’m not sure I want to be back in AA, but it did help me to be around a bunch of sober folks. After the meeting I went to the grocery store up the street and got myself lots of sugary drinks and gummi worms…my favorite candy! It may be a beautiful night to sit out and drink, but that don’t mean it’s gotta be booze! 

On another note I have noticed that instead of logging onto Facebook all the time I now log onto here. You are all quickly becoming my new social network!