Coming Clean With It

by ithunts

So my dad is in town from Oklahoma. We only see each other once every year or two, but we talk on the phone multiple times per week and are very close. He is my go to when I drunk dial. In fact, I don’t think that I have talked to him sober in years. The funny thing is that though he knows I drink, he had no idea how much…or if he did have an idea he never let on. Given the long, long line of alcoholics in my family he may have known and just decided to keep quiet about it. Anyway, we sat out on the porch talking for a couple hours tonight and I came clean with it. Told him about my drinking and how much of a problem it has been for so many years and how good I felt now. We talked about my uncle who died of cirrhosis of the liver two years ago and my aunt who died of multiple organ failure, caused in no small part to years of heavy drinking,  the year before and it felt really good to proclaim that I would not be going down their paths…and to actually believe it. Right now my father is sleeping in the next room and I am about to lay down and try to get some sleep even though I am teeming with excitement over my sobriety.