5 Whole Damn Days!

by ithunts

Yowza! 5 days off the sauce. I am exhausted. Very little sleep, a lot of appreciation and a mind that is spinning like crazy. Fishing was good for me today. As my mind is starting to say “hey dude, this whole thing has been fun you know, but isn’t it time we start to get things back to normal”” I am having to start the fight that I knew I would be having sooner rather than later. The fight to not drink, to keep up what I’ve been doing. I kept staring into the woods across the river today, searching for the white tiger. I never did spot it, but I could feel a presence in the early morning fog. It is watching. Waiting. I caught a pretty good mess of small brim today and put them on a stringer in the water and near the end of the day I went to get them and three snakes were feasting on them. I seriously considered grabbing a stick and beating them to death, but they looked pretty poisonous and my cell phone was dying so I said to hell with it. I’m going to give it a try again tomorrow. Things are getting harder. Pressure is building. Snakes are the least of my worries. I’m worried about that thing in the woods. That thing that hunts…