Take Three!

by ithunts

So here it is, 9:20 PM on my third day off the sauce. I am happy beyond belief that I got a few hours of sleep last night and thanks to my wonderful wife taking my son out for a while this afternoon, was able to get a good nap. Needless to say I am feeling much better than I had expected to at the end of day 3. The white tiger has not yet shown its face, but I am on the lookout. Green tea is becoming my new drink of choice. Decaf. Also, I did quite a bit of exercise today and mowed the lawn, so it’s been pretty productive all things considered. After the lawn mowing I went and built some legos with my son. It makes me sad all the times that I didn’t play with him because I was too busy getting my nightly buzz on. That’s not to say that I was a bad father because I wasn’t, but you can always be better and that is what I am delighted to be working towards. I haven’t been feeling the emotional overload that I had been yesterday. Perhaps because of all the relaxation that a Saturday brings. That is one of my biggest worries though, and justifiably so, is how I will act when I have come home from a hard 12 hour day and all I want to do is relax and escape. That will be when the battle is the hardest for me, I assure you. Have you ever listened to “We Used To Vacation” by The Cold War Kids? It is an amazing song that any recovering alcoholic could appreciate. Anyway, this is an uplifting little note. I’m sure they all won’t be this pleasant so I will take them while I can. I may start posting multiple times a day instead of a nightly wrap up. Too much going on in my brain as it dries out and fires back up. We’ll see.