Day 2: 9-6-13

by ithunts

OK kids, here we go, a wrap up of day dos! So I didn’t sleep worth a damn last night…duh. Found myself on my son’s floor at 2 in the morning because the bed and the couch had nothing to offer in the ways of sleep. Oddly enough my son had a whole dialogue with himself around 3 am. I don’t remember much of it, but do remember that I was amazed that he was saying full sentences in his sleep. “Woke up” this morning with a groggy head, but at least I wasn’t disoriented with an upset stomach and starving. Drank a ton of coffee and went to work. On my ipod all day was “Call Off Your Ghost” by Dessa. It is the best breakup song I know and the chorus is especially fitting for what I am going through at the moment. I was very emotional today. I guess that is to be expected, but it was still surprising. Felt strong emotions of happiness and sadness all day. At one point I was in my work van heading to a job and was feeling completely defeated for no reason at all and I looked over to my left and saw a house with a huge array of solar panels and it was just the right amount of awesomeness I needed for the moment. I love solar panels and alternative energy in general so… Anyway, I took the family out for snow cones to reward myself for not drinking. Rock on. I just took the dog for a long walk and now I’m exhausted but have my doubts about getting much sleep tonight either. I am used to drinking anywhere from 6 to 12 drinks this time of night. Wow. Goodnight.